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Don’t Let Your Body Language Betray Your Authority and Presence

Submitted by Teressa Moore Griffin

Long on brainpower and understanding of financial markets, Lane was disconnected from the powerful professional she had become.  In meetings, members of the senior leadership team would turn to her with questions about business results and trends.  They would look to her for information to validate a course of action they were contemplating.  Everyone saw her immense talent and capability – everyone except her.

When a question was posed, Lane would look over her shoulder as if she was searching for the person to whom the question was directed.  Looking bewildered and frightened, she would respond.  Her reply was always on point.  Her body language, however, shouted, “Who are you asking?  Me?”

Her energy and nonverbal message were, “I don’t feel I belong here.  I doubt my readiness to sit at this table.”  Lane identified with who she was ten years ago, not the influential expert she had become.

Are you up to date with the current version of who you are?  Have you kept pace with your growth and evolution?  Or, like Lane, do you identify with the 2004 version of you?

Observing her during the course of several meetings, I pulled her aside and said, “Lane, you’re a high potential, well-respected advisor and resource to the company’s senior-most leaders.  Consistently, your contributions convey depth of analysis and strategic sophistication.  And, your body language suggests that you don’t see yourself in quite the way those who look to you for advice do.”

Her confession:  “Inside, I still feel like a twenty-three year old newbie.”

So began Lane’s journey to catch up and stay up with who she has become.  Today, two promotions later, Lane is at the table, feeling and behaving as if she belongs.

What about you?  In what ways are you rooted in an old story about who you are?  If you need to get up to speed with who you are here and now, here’s an easy way to take stock:

  • Write Out Your Accomplishments. List all that you’ve experienced, learned, contributed and accomplished since you last completed a self-inventory.  Write it out so you can see it and hold it.  Keep it handy and add to it as new items come to mind.
  • Notice Clues and Cues. Whenever others see you as more capable and talented than you believe yourself to be, that’s a hint that you need to disentangle from a time trap. Trust the potential and capabilities they acknowledge.  Then, become that current, expanded version of you.
  • Own the New You. Challenge yourself to move beyond self-imposed, limiting beliefs of what you’re capable of – the LIES that Limit You.  Occupy the space you’ve earned through your yet unacknowledged, though hard-won, growth and development.

About the Author:

Teressa Moore Griffin, CEO of Spirit of Purpose,  is a personal growth expert, executive coach, speaker and the author of “LIES That Limit.”  She can be heard daily on “Office Talk” on KYW Newsradio, and read weekly on  At the heart of her work is the belief that Self-awareness, and aligned energy and intentions, are crucial components for sustained success and satisfaction.

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