How to Decorate Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Submitted by Jason Phillips

Selling your home during the festive season shouldn’t affect your holiday spirit. Create a buyer-friendly, cheerful environment and you will make viewers gain an interest. Despite the fact that the holiday season is packed with tight budgets due to gift-giving and parties, there’s still room for property selling. House hunters don’t back down just because everyone else is celebrating; they’re always in alert so you should be prepared. The holiday season is personal to many people and on various levels. Selling your home during this time of the year can be incredibly profitable. All you have to do is decorate with taste.

Cleaning and staging

Prior to starting to decorate, it is important that you stage the house. De-clutter the living room by getting rid of items that are overly personal. Not everyone will appreciate the reindeer collection you keep hanging on the wall. Too many things may scare away potential buyers, so it is important to clean your home before putting it out on the market. Since it’s the holiday season, you might want to make it seem cozier too. Less is more when trying to sell however a few accessories here and there to stir people’s festive moods won’t hurt. Flower pots or scented candles with merry aromas will instantly appeal to people senses, and who knows maybe they’ll even want to buy.

All eyes on the kitchen

Many people agree that the kitchen is the most important room of a house. When buying a house, 85% of potential buyers first analyze the kitchen. It doesn’t have to look modern but it has to be practical. So you might want to repaint the cabinets and replace old knobs and handles just to make it appear ready to be used and functional. As far as the paint is concerned, make sure it’s neutral. Beige and white are ideal choices because they allow potential buyers to envision their own style.


Get advice from a professional

Home staging may seem like something everyone can do, although it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Locate a skilled home stager and decorate together. Make sure to get referrals first; you should hire someone with experience. A lot of real estate companies have lists with professionals who know everything there is to know about proper home cleaning, repairing and de-cluttering.

As an alternative, you could hire an interior designer. Talk to them about decorating to sell and they’ll present you their most efficient ideas. It is important to be patient and empty rooms one at the time. Then bring in only essential furnishings; keep it simple when it comes to accessorizing.

Ditch personal items

Religious items, wedding photos, awards, and additional items that are personal to you and your family must go. Buyers should be able to picture themselves living there; they won’t be able to do that if they see your things spread everywhere around the house. Wrap the carefully and place them in storage; it shouldn’t take that long. You should also get rid of valuables. During the time of the sale your house will be packed with handymen, inspectors, potential buyers, and realtors. You don’t want to influence them with your art collection or crystal bowls. Some can end up concluding that if you have expensive things you’re not open to negotiations or that you’re in no hurry to sell.

house3Jason-10-15Clean and stage the entryway

The entryway is the first thing people see when walking into a house. Since you’re trying to sell and it’s also the festive season, you might want to take advantage. The way your front porch looks matters a lot. It will instantly influence the perception of a potential buyer. Everyone expects to get exactly what they see from the outside, so make sure the inside lives up to their expectations.

Repaint the front door, scrub and wash the porch and place flower pots to make a good first impression. Place an entrance mat at the door to welcome people and don’t forget to clean the windows too. Don’t decorate too much, although it might be a good idea to include a few festive accessories. When you’re done stand outside and take a good look. Answer yourself the following question – would I buy this house?

About the Author:

 This article is being authored by Jason Phillips. He loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He also works for a site from where you can get property buying options in Turkey.


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