Latest Home Trends around the World

Add a Touch of Global Inspiration to your Home

It is always challenging to bring a fresh look to your home, something that is contemporary yet still reflects you and your personality. Thankfully it is now possible to utilize ideas from a variety of different countries around the world and create a home which is both practical and personal.

Vintage touches

It has become extremely popular to have a blend of vintage furniture or decor; when set properly against a backdrop of contemporary pieces it can create a classic, elegant look. The latest trend in vintage is creating the illusion of faded grandeur, such as is commonly found in the grand estates and bourgeoisie apartments of the Belle Époque.

Gold finishes with a touch of extra glam

Gold or brass is no longer seen as either ostentatious or tardy. It is now acceptable to have completely gold accessories or to mix and match them with silver or stainless steel fittings. Gold can also be included in statement pieces, such as daybeds, cocktail chairs or folding screens.


The latest trend is to blend sophistication with the passion of youth. Ceramics and textiles are considered to be young designer products and these are now being mixed with more traditional materials. Part of this new trend includes the additional of the cowhide rug. Cowhide is becoming increasingly popular and is now included in pillows, cushions, throws and even artwork.

Get personal

It is increasingly common to add a vintage element, such as an old gramophone into a modern space. This is in an effort to move away from decorating and cultural norms and mark a living space out as unique. Every piece needs to serve a purpose.

GlobalHomeTrends2Jason_11-15Go green

Plants and foliage are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the world of interior design. In part this is a reaction to the small amounts of outside space provided with the majority of modern houses. It is also a reflection of someone’s nature and their desire to be part of nature. Having plants inside has been shown to help people de-stress and relax.


This trend has originated in Italy where they excel in making beautiful objects from unusual materials. They believe there is beauty in everything. Wood is combined with leather, metal and even stones to create something that not only looks stunning but feels amazing too.


Many designers are now looking to products which are sustainable or recycled and including them into the design of a room or a house. This can make any space very personal and allows the use of a wide range of colors and finishing’s. A space decorated in this way can seem very lavish while stating that you care about the world around you.


Ancient Greek houses, amongst others were created and covered in cement. This trend has now found its way inside the house. It is quick and easy to apply and can provide the illusion of a sculptured, uniquely designed hole. It also has a very Mediterranean feel.


This is one of the most important elements of any home. The latest trend is to have big, bold lights which look as good when they are off as they do when they are on. Chandeliers, particularly from the Art Deco period are exceptionally popular.


Paint has been the median of choice for many years but wallpaper is now set to make a comeback. The preferred choices are ones which are bright and bold; making a statement in their own right.  Shades and patterns which have blue in them will probably be the most popular as blue, in all its shades, is the color of choice this year.

The 20th Century

Furniture which was last in fashion in the middle of the twentieth century is now making a return to form. However, it is essential to only add one or two pieces from this era and not to allow the theme to take over the whole house!

Choose to be bold and think outside the box. Consider the coolest accessories and most striking ideas, and decorate your home in the newest, most innovative way possible. Don’t be afraid to improvise! Originality can go a very long way this season.

About the Author:

This article is being authored by Jason Phillips. He loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He also works for a site offering designer fabrics and wallpapers online.

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