Conquer Diet Saboteurs

By Certified Nutritionist,  Nancy Adler


One of the biggest obstacles I see my clients come up against is learning how to get around many subtle and not so subtle ways that family and friends use to sabotage their diet.

While they may not even be aware that they are doing it, the tactics used by the closest to us have the potential to be the downfall of even the most well intentioned  efforts to lose weight.

In some cases, family and friends feel insecure regarding your plans to lose weight and thus begin practicing various tactics that are aimed to derailing your diet plans and goals.

They may complain about the amount of time you spend on exercising, deliberately schedule their activities that conflict with  your scheduled exercise times, shower you with tempting and fattening foods and in the worse case scenarios make pointed observations that you don’t look as though you lost weight or make predictions that you will gain all the weight you’ve lost right back. I see it happen!

Sad but true.

Usually, this type of tactic stems from the fact that the other person is suddenly afraid that your change in lifestyle may affect your relationship with them. This is especially true in relationships with partners, husbands and wives.

The first thing I as my client when we meet during the consultation is that if they have a supportive partner, someone that will be on board through this journey. Without this support it may be difficult to achieve their most important weight loss goals.

In other cases, the tactics employed from those closest to you may not result from insecurities but rather from lack of knowledge. They simply may not recognize that offering that one teeny piece of chocolate cake could set you back and entire week of all you hard efforts. Or truly they do not realize the health risks the extra pounds are presenting to you.

This type of behavior from those closest to us can be disheartening when we already are feeling vulnerable.  Fortunately there are several tactics you can use to withstand even the worse tactics when friends and family are involved.

Help them Help You

First , never accuse friends and family from the obvious tactics they are using. Instead explain how much it means to you to lose the weight. And that you want to become healthier.

Try to turn this into a way to spend more time together and bond by asking them to be your weight loss buddy. Not only will this provide the back-up support you need, but it will help to eliminate the feelings of insecurities they are experiencing as you begin to reveal your new slimmer body.

When friends and family express judgmental feelings, the first thing you should do is realize that the statements are really more about their own feelings and inadequacies. Try not to take it personally. Instead focus on the fact that you are doing something for yourself and become a healthier person.

Please don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Who’s better than you!

When you reach a milestone in your diet, let everyone know about and see how happy you are in your own success. Chances are when your loved ones see your enthusiasm and happiness, they will be much more likely to provide you with the support you need!

Finally, while it’s great to try to introduce your family and friends to a healthier way of living and eating, do realize that no one likes a lecture this way. Toward that end, work together on family meal plans and get-togethers so everyone is satisfied with the choices offered.

Do what you do for only you. Focus and try not to let anyone defeat you mentally into losing yourself and your goals. It’s your body and only you live in it!



Nancy Adler, certified nutritionist professional headshotAbout the Author:

Nancy Adler is a certified nutritionist specializing in one-on-one customized nutrition and weight control. She owns a nutrition consulting business in Linwood, NJ where she counsels women, men & children of all ages assisting them in making permanent, healthier lifestyle changes.

Nancy has been practicing nutrition and wellness for 10 years. She currently holds three of the highest recognizable accreditations in Fitness and Nutrition with CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), S.S.N. (Specialist in Sports Nutrition) and S.S.C. (Specific Sports Conditioning.

You can learn more about Nancy and her services by visiting her website at , on her Facebook Page, Nancy Adler Nutrition. Or you can call her at 609-653-4900.

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